Ever wondered what happens while you sleep?

Snoring, insomnia and untreated Sleep Apnea are issues plaguing billions of people worldwide each day and night.

Learn more about it in “The Wake-Up Call!”

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The underlying threat of my grandmother’s snores…

Granny’s nightly snores were a source of amusement for my brother and I. Little did we know, she was suffering from untreated Sleep Apnea and suffocated from oxygen deprivation to her body each night right before our eyes.

Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea that is most often ignored but is actually the sound of a cry for help.

The far-reaching consequences of untreated sleep apnea and insomnia can lead to life-threatening conditions like heart attacks and strokes and could even cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men. This silent yet pervasive condition knows no boundaries – affecting all ages, genders, and ethnicities. It all boils down to the critical issue of oxygen deprivation during sleep, a topic that this book uncovers in depth.”

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The Vision

How you sleep is how you live.

My vision for this book is that it may not only raise awareness about the critical importance of sleep in our lives, but also, that it may inspire leaders, physicians, and authorities in all medical and corporate spheres to integrate sleep studies into their approach to patient and employee health and well-being, fostering positive change within work spaces and communities.

Together, we can recognize the profound impact of sleep and transform how we prioritize it for healthier and happier lives.

Gregory Arneaud

iSD Health Solutions
Founder and Clinical Director
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THE WAKE UP CALL is a very informative book for the bedside especially with the evidence based scientific approach. Sprinkled with biblical quotes and mixed with personal experience and makes it a compelling read!

Mark Jance / Facebook

Hope it brings the much needed sleep disorders awareness in the Caribbean population. The shorter you sleep, the shorter your life span. ” Breath is the essence of life” Congratulations and good luck!

Mark Jance / Facebook

For me the decision to get tested for sleep apnea came when I was Director of Communication for the national airline and driving to the airport daily. I started realising that I was nodding off at the longer street-lights...

Forward by Eric Thomas

My friendship with Gregory Arneaud has been a source of unwavering support, inspiration and growth

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