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The Wake-Up Call: How You Sleep Shapes Your Life.

From my Trinidadian roots to a career in respiratory therapy, this book explores the hidden benefits of restful sleep and the serious repercussions of sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea and Insomnia.

These issues can escalate into severe health concerns, including heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, and mental health problems.

It is my hope that through this book entitled “The Wake Up Call,” readers will come to discover all the nuances of sleep; revealing its incomparable impact on the quality of life that one lives and embracing its vital and profound role on one’s mind and well-being.

Secure your copy now, and remember:

“How You Sleep Is How You Live!”

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THE WAKE UP CALL is a very informative book for the bedside especially with the evidence based scientific approach. Sprinkled with biblical quotes and mixed with personal experience and makes it a compelling read!

Mark Jance / Facebook

Hope it brings the much needed sleep disorders awareness in the Caribbean population. The shorter you sleep, the shorter your life span. ” Breath is the essence of life” Congratulations and good luck!

Mark Jance / Facebook

For me the decision to get tested for sleep apnea came when I was Director of Communication for the national airline and driving to the airport daily. I started realising that I was nodding off at the longer street-lights...